Welcome to Burn Professional Conveyancing

If you are buying a property, selling a property or just updating details on a Certificate of Title for a property you already own, there is nothing more valuable than having the knowledge and expertise of an independent Licensed Real Estate Settlement Agent who is skilled in providing conveyancing services and is also readily available for advice.

Courtenay Burn of Burn Professional Conveyancing is an independent Licensed Real Estate Settlement Agent committed to a superior level of personal service and attention to details to ensure her valued clients settlement proceeds smoothly and efficiently.

Courtenay handles all client transactions from start to finish and her focus is to provide her clients with a personalised and smooth settlement. Attention to detail is consistent and this will be an asset you will come to appreciate and trust.

Whether you are a first home buyer or have bought and sold many times before, Courtenay’s reliable service will guarantee your transaction is handled properly and in compliance with government regulations.

Burn Professional Conveyancing concentrates exclusively on the needs of our clients and provides a level of service you won’t find at larger agencies.

Upon request, we will provide pre-contractual advice without obligation or cost. Furthermore, our fee structure is reasonable and competitive.

Please contact Courtenay Burn anytime on 0413 272 032.