Can I choose an independent settlement agent to look after my best interests?
Yes, you certainly can and if you have already nominated another Settlement Agent on the Offer and Acceptance contract, you have the right to change your nominated Settlement Agent at any time throughout the settlement process. Simply advise the real estate agent by phone, fax or email that you've nominated Burn Professional Conveyancing as your settlement agent. Your real estate agent will send a copy of your contract to us. We will immediately contact you, conduct a title search and prepare the necessary paperwork.

Will you provide a fixed price, written quote?
Yes, we certainly will upon request – just contact us and ask.

Are out of hours appointments available?
Where possible, mobile and evening appointments available upon request.

What is the difference between Joint Tenants and Tenants in Common?
Joint Tenants - The ownership of land by two or more persons where there is a right of survivorship ie on the death of one joint tenant, the surviving owner becomes the sole proprietor. Tenants in Common - Where there is a desire for two or more persons to hold the land in undivided shares. On the death of one party their share forms part of their Estate and is distributed in accordance with the terms of the Will. It is important to state the correct holding of the property on the Offer and Acceptance to avoid problems later on.

Settlement Date falls on a Sunday, when will you settle now?
The Joint Form of General Conditions WA provides that if anything is due to be done on a day that is not a business day, the latest date then falls to the next business day. If Settlement Date is a Sunday, settlement will take place on the Monday. If both the Seller and Buyer agree, they can choose to settle on the Friday.

When am I entitled to possession?
If the Seller is residing in the property immediately prior to settlement, the Buyer is entitled to possession of the property at noon the following day after Settlement. If the property is vacant a Buyer is entitled to possession as soon as settlement has been effected. If the property is the subject of an ongoing tenancy that will continue after settlement, the Buyer is entitled to disclosure of this information before the Offer and Acceptance is drafted and signed by the parties.

Final Inspection
Your Contract gives you the right to a final inspection of the property on one occasion within 5 business days before the settlement date or possession date. You should contact the real estate agent concerned and make arrangements to inspect the property to ensure that it is in the same state and condition as it was when you made your offer to purchase. If your contract has a condition which states that certain items are to be in working order at settlement or if it states that repairs are to be carried out by the Seller, you will need to check that these have been attended to satisfactorily and that the items mentioned are in fact working. Please contact our office for further advice where necessary.